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Returning Love of the Humble Pencil


How strange that I find myself back here again sharing my thoughts and stuff with the world. Changes in my life seem to urge me to write it down almost as if it will not happen or escape me unless I do this, a statement of intent methinks. At the age of 46 one would think I was past these stages and had become more mature in my thought processes, but alas I shall always remain a scatterbrain of randomness.

So here I am writing my blog post haste of another decision in my pursuit of creativeness, and I think that this will be a final one and I have to say I am quite pleased about that. Buying supplies for new hobbies and being a bit obsessive about it can be very expensive especially when one has a change of heart ! I stopped drawing two years ago for a couple of reasons, and instead I fell in love with Crochet, which filled that creative gap for me. I had a lot of fun choosing different yarns, colours, textures, making lots of different things, even selling some mad items at local craft fairs. Actually I went overboard and ended up with way too much of everything which would of taken a few good years to use up….obsession again. Everything I have is kept in a small cupboard (don’t have a huge amount of storing space ) and every time I went to get a ball of yarn or buttons, on the shelf there was the remaining pencils, pens, paper etc looking at me for longingly waiting to be picked up and used again. I knew in my heart that the day was coming soon when they would be in my hands creating pictures, I had missed them so much…too much if I am honest. So to cut a long story short I have picked them up again and start to draw and loving every minute of it. I am rusty it has been a long while but I intend to practise every day drawing all kinds of everything and doodling too. I gifted quite a few of Crochet supplies to other crafty friends, as I know that they will use it a lot quicker than I will, and also donated some to a dog rescue charity who has a lady that makes wonderful blankets to raise money for the pooches and moggies, a good cause methinks. I kept some yarn and stuff for me to use for personal projects and maybe to make a few gifts, great for doing in the long dark winter evenings.  So without much more ado, this is my first dog drawing that I started last week, its not to bad for a first picture after a few years, however I see many mistakes in it, that are very basic and just a matter or practice and to remind myself of technique to create fur, texture etc. I will finish it and then move on to something new. Its good to be back sharing my love of art, pencils and pens.Jimmers


Week 8…Halloween

halloween 1


We have reached the end of October, and what a beautiful sunny warm day it is here in the South of England, I am walking around in my Tee and been down to the beach with Blue for a stroll, a great way to see this month out. It is also Halloween a much celebrated event everywhere and the kiddies are getting dressed up in their outfits ready to go trick or treating tonight. The shops are full of ghoulish things, wigs, witches broomsticks, teeth and fake blood, skeletons and all manner of outfits along with the obligatory Pumpkins, so this is my very quick sketch for Halloween and my CD, no colour yet that will be added later. I was quite interested in finding more out about the roots of Halloween or as some know it All Hallows Eve, so headed over to Wikipedia for a quick read, here is the link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween

100 Mandalas

WP_20141024 1 WP_20141024 3


From a very mild, wet and windy UK, and as I look out my window the windfall of many colours means that we are well into Autumn and cooler climes. I am really attuned to the changing seasons, and whether it be blazing sunshine, freezing temperatures, or lashing down with rain I love looking at all the changes that go with it, but I digress and will save the rest of those thoughts for another post.

I have signed up for a challenge my very first in fact, to create Mandala’s over a 100 day period. This was something I could not resist as I absolutely love doing them and have so for a few years in various ways. I came across this via another artist who is also taking part and blogs here on WordPress, check out her blog here http://jackiefullerartist.wordpress.com/

You can also read about this challenge here http://collagediva.typepad.com/collagediva/100mandala.html

For me I have decided to do my mandala’s on separate pieces of paper in various sizes, big or small ones as and when my time allows and the beauty of this is that 100 days do not need to be consecutive. I also like the idea of working like this as I have various different types of paper that I can use and not to be constricted to one sketchbook and one size, and at the end I will collate them together as a portfolio. I have to say that I am really excited about this and have made up my mind that I will complete it, what fun is going to be had ! The picture you see above are my first two small ones which were done really quickly as a kind of warm up, using my Micron pens and pencils, on smooth white drawing paper. I also write on the back the date, number them and medium used, however I think I need to practise cutting my paper in a more straight line these two.


Week 6 Scarecrow Trail

WP_20141016 2


The Uk has had its mini heat wave with temperatures over the last two days getting up to 20 degrees in some places, and the nights have been somewhat muggy. This morning I have woken up to a flat grey day and rain which is more like October I think, so a day for pottering round indoors and creating art.

In some places of the UK we have something called a Scarecrow Trail and it is generally held in October, and the gist of this that people build a Scarecrow of their own and display him/her/couples outside in their gardens and a trail map is created to go visit these Scarecrows and see all the wonderful creations that have been made. Most of these are held in the smaller villages and everyone gets involved with the building of them, great for the kids too. On my travels I have seen some super ones, from a couple sitting on a sofa in a wonderful colourful array of clothes, to a robotic type one, and a whole family of them including a dog. Sadly it does not seem to be as popular as it once was, but I do hope that it will continue on. Traditionally we all know that Scarecrows were put in planted fields by farmers to scare the crows off from eating the seed, and these can still be seen today, however they have also been used as scary monsters in some films and connected to Halloween, which is a much celebrated up and coming holiday. We did also have a very popular program about one called Worzel Gummidge, starring the late John Pertwee, you can read about that here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worzel_Gummidge_(TV_series)

If you are interested in reading more about it, then just Google it and you will find an array of wonderful images and some of the listed trails here in the Uk and perhaps elsewhere in the world.

This is my very quick and very rough sketch of a traditional one in a field with the obligatory bird perched on the shoulder.

Pencil Sketch’s

WP_20141016 4WP_20141016 5WP_20141016 3


It has been another mild week, but with bouts of rain thrown in for good measure, but the promised mini heat wave is still set to arrive by Saturday, however one is never quite sure what the weather will do these days.

I am having an “art nouveau” moment this week, which is a style I love, all those beautiful curly, swirly lines, so soft to look at and so many beautiful patterns from days gone past. I took my sketch book stuff over to my friend yesterday and we had a couple of happy hours sketching, chatting and drinking tea. As I have had a bit of artist block as well this week, inspiration was hard to come by until I looked around her front room closely and came across a cushion with art nouveau style patterns on it, and a few other items too. Yipppeee I had my inspiration and got to work with my pencil, sketching out what I was seeing and adding bits to it as I went, which is what you see above. The middle one is a quick doodle that I did on the hoof, not sure if I will add more or just leave it as it is. I think this current mode will stay with me a little while longer, until another new “moment” kicks in, so more sketch’s to come methinks.


Week 4..Harvest Festival Food


Looking back over my CD sketchbook, I realised that I had missed a week, so decided to add one more last entry, which is what you see above. I went to another Harvest Festival service at the church, and they had a beautiful display set up in the entrance, of all the wonderful food that is associated with this time of year. As September has been particularly sunny and warm, it has been a bumper crop of gloriously coloured squashes, apples, (cookers and eaters), pumpkins, berries, nuts and lots more. I photographed the display and then took parts of it to create this picture, very much on the hoof. Sketched in pencil, inked with Micron pens, and Coloured Pencils. For some reason in some of my drawings I tend to let the original sketch show through, as in I don’t remove the pencil marks, which is what I did for this one, for me it seems to add more depth and character.

So we are now in October and I will be looking for inspiration for this months sketches, the weather is still very warm, and lots of flowers are still blooming, but it is set to change this weekend with rain and the temperatures falling to more like normal for this time of year.


Week 3 Garden Art

WP_20140919 7Greetings,

Another week has flown by, and these days I am not sure where the time has gone, October is almost here and despite it still being very nice here in the UK, there is a slight nip in the air. These sketches were done on a beautiful sunny afternoon in my friends garden, after we had eaten a wonderful Harvest Festival lunch at her local church. I have to admit to being a very untidy sketcher with my drawings all over the place, however I do think it makes the page interesting, despite my best efforts to be tidy. The pot had dead grasses growing in it, which for some reason I found interesting and the rest are quick sketches of different flower heads and a stone water bowl. We did also have a distraction in the way of her very handsome but totally nutty Sprocker dog, who just hated the idea of us not paying him any attention, so he decided to dig holes, charge us with a toy hanging out his mouth, turf his bed into the air and generally be a pest. After a few hours we choose to put him in the car and go to the beach where he could swim and run to his heart’s delight.

This is the month of September completed now and I have enjoyed doing it, however methinks my live sketching skills are very rusty and will need to improve over the coming months for me to be completely happy with the finished pages.