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Mandala 5 and 6 of 100

WP_20141106_005 WP_20141106_008


It has been another busy week, and not a whole lot of art done either, except for these two mandalas for the 100 mandala challenge. They are smaller ones with the paper measuring no more than 4 x 5 inches so quick to do when time is short. I love the owl one and although the circles were done with my trusty compass, the rest of it is free hand so quite uneven in places. The other one started out as something entirely different which I did not like at all, so progressed to what it is now, which is a little more acceptable. I have to be honest and say that back in the day if a drawing was not going the way I wanted it to, it went into the bin, but nowadays I look again leave it along for a day or so and then make it into something else, much more fun and lest wasteful too. Having said all that it works for art that I am doing for myself but for a commissioned piece most definitely not, perfection then takes over, but as I am taking time out of that market for a while, it is just nice to enjoy what I am doing now.


Week 7…Windfall Leafs

WP_20141029 2


I could not resist doing another sketch of some leafs that have fallen, when we had a few days of high winds and rain, so when I went for a walk there was leaf fall everywhere and I gathered up a few to sketch. I could not tell you from what trees these all came from but I recognise the Oak, and the bottom left one is from a beautiful Smoke Tree growing in our back garden, which I have to say watching it change colours through the seasons is a real joy. I have one more post for the last week of October, and that will go up later today.

3/4 of 100 mandalas.

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We seem to be having another small heat wave here in the south of the UK with temperature’s still reaching 19 degrees and in some places above that, however the north of the country is beset by heavy rains and winds, one never quite knows what the weather will do next.

It has been a very busy week and my time limited somewhat for creating art, so again these two mandala’s were created on the hoof over the weekend as Sunday is my least busy day and quietest ! The basic design of these I created in Artrage (digital painting software) using the symmetry tool which is really handy for getting mirrored lines, and then printed them out on to some drawing paper. I coloured one with my sharpies and the other I patterned with my micron pens and have to say that I like how both of them have turned out. I normally like them to be a bit more intricate than the ones created so far, but when time is short simple works best, however I am determined to make a few more in a colourful and fun way in mixed media,  mostly collage, which is going to be fun methinks.

100 Mandalas

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From a very mild, wet and windy UK, and as I look out my window the windfall of many colours means that we are well into Autumn and cooler climes. I am really attuned to the changing seasons, and whether it be blazing sunshine, freezing temperatures, or lashing down with rain I love looking at all the changes that go with it, but I digress and will save the rest of those thoughts for another post.

I have signed up for a challenge my very first in fact, to create Mandala’s over a 100 day period. This was something I could not resist as I absolutely love doing them and have so for a few years in various ways. I came across this via another artist who is also taking part and blogs here on WordPress, check out her blog here http://jackiefullerartist.wordpress.com/

You can also read about this challenge here http://collagediva.typepad.com/collagediva/100mandala.html

For me I have decided to do my mandala’s on separate pieces of paper in various sizes, big or small ones as and when my time allows and the beauty of this is that 100 days do not need to be consecutive. I also like the idea of working like this as I have various different types of paper that I can use and not to be constricted to one sketchbook and one size, and at the end I will collate them together as a portfolio. I have to say that I am really excited about this and have made up my mind that I will complete it, what fun is going to be had ! The picture you see above are my first two small ones which were done really quickly as a kind of warm up, using my Micron pens and pencils, on smooth white drawing paper. I also write on the back the date, number them and medium used, however I think I need to practise cutting my paper in a more straight line these two.


Pencil Sketch’s

WP_20141016 4WP_20141016 5WP_20141016 3


It has been another mild week, but with bouts of rain thrown in for good measure, but the promised mini heat wave is still set to arrive by Saturday, however one is never quite sure what the weather will do these days.

I am having an “art nouveau” moment this week, which is a style I love, all those beautiful curly, swirly lines, so soft to look at and so many beautiful patterns from days gone past. I took my sketch book stuff over to my friend yesterday and we had a couple of happy hours sketching, chatting and drinking tea. As I have had a bit of artist block as well this week, inspiration was hard to come by until I looked around her front room closely and came across a cushion with art nouveau style patterns on it, and a few other items too. Yipppeee I had my inspiration and got to work with my pencil, sketching out what I was seeing and adding bits to it as I went, which is what you see above. The middle one is a quick doodle that I did on the hoof, not sure if I will add more or just leave it as it is. I think this current mode will stay with me a little while longer, until another new “moment” kicks in, so more sketch’s to come methinks.


Funky Owl


October has arrived in a swathe of rain and wind but still relatively mild, which makes one wonder what is best to wear ! We can’t complain though Summer was beautiful and extended into September and I had many good days outside with friends. Soon the clocks will go forward one hour and the days will get shorter and darker earlier, not my most favourite time of the year, except for heart warming stews, homemade soups, hot chocolate with a dollop of cream and on a cold bright frosty morning all the beauty that can be seen if one looks hard enough.

I have been busy this week gallivanting around and not had much time for art, but did this little drawing of a funky owl in my brown sketchbook, using sharpies, microns and coloured pencils. This paper is a brown recycled one, with little fibres in the surface, and quite smooth, however using sharpies you get major bleed through, but it does take pencils and the microns nicely. I also purchased an A4 size sketchbook for which I will be using to do some realistic animal drawings in, and a larger A3 one for bigger pieces, so much to look forward to other the coming cooler months.





Week 4..Harvest Festival Food


Looking back over my CD sketchbook, I realised that I had missed a week, so decided to add one more last entry, which is what you see above. I went to another Harvest Festival service at the church, and they had a beautiful display set up in the entrance, of all the wonderful food that is associated with this time of year. As September has been particularly sunny and warm, it has been a bumper crop of gloriously coloured squashes, apples, (cookers and eaters), pumpkins, berries, nuts and lots more. I photographed the display and then took parts of it to create this picture, very much on the hoof. Sketched in pencil, inked with Micron pens, and Coloured Pencils. For some reason in some of my drawings I tend to let the original sketch show through, as in I don’t remove the pencil marks, which is what I did for this one, for me it seems to add more depth and character.

So we are now in October and I will be looking for inspiration for this months sketches, the weather is still very warm, and lots of flowers are still blooming, but it is set to change this weekend with rain and the temperatures falling to more like normal for this time of year.