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Gosh it has been a while since I have blogged here, but I always knew in my heart that I would return at some point. So what have I been up to lately…loads of stuff, from really learning to Crochet properly and doodling ideas in my sketchbook for future projects. I have been debating for a while now whether to combine my passion for crochet within this blog instead of having a separate one that I set up some months back. To be honest I don’t have to the time to keep writing for two blogs, so it seems to be a better idea to keep it under one roof so to speak and hopefully that will make it a little more interesting.

So 2015 bought many changes into my life, the hardest was the loss of little pooch. Sadly she got very sick and we had a very hard decision to make, and knowing her as we did we decided the best and kindest thing was to let her go. We were heartbroken and devastated, as I imagine that many of you who have gone through this will understand. You never get over the death of a loved one four legs or two, you just learn to live with out them and adapt to a new way of living. For me personally it has been hard as I have always had dogs in my life and mostly two so when I lost one there was always the other that needed me and that helped with my grief, but this time I only had Blue, and I found it very hard being dog free for the first time in many years. For many personal reasons we have decided not to have another dog, so we are getting on with life at a pace that is comfortable to us, and doing some of the things that we have not been able to do up till now. Blue is always with us, heart and soul as are my other pooches, never forgotten and always loved.

On the Crochet front I have learnt so many new things, made my first amigurimis, hats, gloves, learnt some Tunisian Crochet, beaded pieces, and so much more. I have not done a huge amount of drawing but my love for it is as strong as ever and I have picked up the pens again and started some new stuff which I will share along the way.

I hope that the last year has treated you all well, and I am slowly trailing through many of your posts on a catch up spree, wonderful stuff that I have read so far, and look forward to much more.