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Hooked on Hooks


It has been a few days since my last post, and that is because I have found a new hobby that I have become addicted too… Crochet. I have never had much interest in taking up something like knitting, embroidery, quilting etc but have long admired the beautiful work that can be created by it. Having said that I did in my twenties try Crochet but like all things life, kids got in the way and it never really amounted to much. Since starting a Craft club two weeks ago, many of the ladies who come are gifted in these crafts and without really thinking too much about it I picked up a hook and asked one of the ladies to show me how to do it and that was that….I am hooked and obsessed ! At the same time of this happening hubby needed to use my desk for a project of, his so my main computer and majority of my art stuff is temporarily put away until the weekend when I get it back. Time on my hands, I have been out and purchased some gorgeous coloured yarn and am making squares to create a blanket for me pooch Blue. I have yet to master all the stitches but I work best one step at a time, so once I have the basics, I hope to move on to making a few items of clothing, and in due course will add some pictures of my efforts.