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A dairy of things that inspire me, to be created over a year.

Week 8…Halloween

halloween 1


We have reached the end of October, and what a beautiful sunny warm day it is here in the South of England, I am walking around in my Tee and been down to the beach with Blue for a stroll, a great way to see this month out. It is also Halloween a much celebrated event everywhere and the kiddies are getting dressed up in their outfits ready to go trick or treating tonight. The shops are full of ghoulish things, wigs, witches broomsticks, teeth and fake blood, skeletons and all manner of outfits along with the obligatory Pumpkins, so this is my very quick sketch for Halloween and my CD, no colour yet that will be added later. I was quite interested in finding more out about the roots of Halloween or as some know it All Hallows Eve, so headed over to Wikipedia for a quick read, here is the link.


Week 7…Windfall Leafs

WP_20141029 2


I could not resist doing another sketch of some leafs that have fallen, when we had a few days of high winds and rain, so when I went for a walk there was leaf fall everywhere and I gathered up a few to sketch. I could not tell you from what trees these all came from but I recognise the Oak, and the bottom left one is from a beautiful Smoke Tree growing in our back garden, which I have to say watching it change colours through the seasons is a real joy. I have one more post for the last week of October, and that will go up later today.

CD…Sandras Garden Oak



Today it is a very blustery, showery afternoon but we are having little bouts of sunshine now and then, which is nice, however the leaves are falling heavily now and I am hankering to do another CD leaf post, so I imagine that will be next in my diary.

This post is dedicated to my friends current finished piece for the diary and it is of an Oak that lives in her garden, so we have the tree, and a few different leaves, along with a branch. Her plan is to do the tree through each of the seasons, which I think is a great idea and look forward to seeing what she does next. I did have to admit that I am useless at drawing trees, so for her first attempt at them I am secretly jealous that she nailed it so well !


Week 6 Scarecrow Trail

WP_20141016 2


The Uk has had its mini heat wave with temperatures over the last two days getting up to 20 degrees in some places, and the nights have been somewhat muggy. This morning I have woken up to a flat grey day and rain which is more like October I think, so a day for pottering round indoors and creating art.

In some places of the UK we have something called a Scarecrow Trail and it is generally held in October, and the gist of this that people build a Scarecrow of their own and display him/her/couples outside in their gardens and a trail map is created to go visit these Scarecrows and see all the wonderful creations that have been made. Most of these are held in the smaller villages and everyone gets involved with the building of them, great for the kids too. On my travels I have seen some super ones, from a couple sitting on a sofa in a wonderful colourful array of clothes, to a robotic type one, and a whole family of them including a dog. Sadly it does not seem to be as popular as it once was, but I do hope that it will continue on. Traditionally we all know that Scarecrows were put in planted fields by farmers to scare the crows off from eating the seed, and these can still be seen today, however they have also been used as scary monsters in some films and connected to Halloween, which is a much celebrated up and coming holiday. We did also have a very popular program about one called Worzel Gummidge, starring the late John Pertwee, you can read about that here

If you are interested in reading more about it, then just Google it and you will find an array of wonderful images and some of the listed trails here in the Uk and perhaps elsewhere in the world.

This is my very quick and very rough sketch of a traditional one in a field with the obligatory bird perched on the shoulder.

Week 5 Ploughing and Seeds


We are still in a week of wet and windy weather but still fairly mild, however our forecasters are saying that we are in for a 5 day mini heat wave beginning with the weekend ! One quite never knows what to wear these days but I am still keeping my wellies out still !

I have not had a lot of time for my CD post as my mind as been engaged with a few other projects, however I did manage to sketch this out quickly, but feel it is a tad boring and lacking something. This is the time of the year that the fields are ploughed in very neat rows ready to plant out for the new winter crop, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, kale etc all the good heart warming vegetables that make great autumnal/winter food. I was also fascinated by the different types of seeds there are and was amazed at the huge variety of colour and size that I came across. To think that great tasting food is grown from these tiny little seeds amazes me and can for many poor people living in very difficult situations around the world can make a huge difference to thriving or starving. Of course all things need water and sunlight to grow, but sadly these days we either have too much or too little. Hand in hand with seed goes the plough, mostly done by tractors now, but the old style one dragged by horses is still very much in use, and here in the UK can be seen at some of the local ploughing matches, with the big, noble, shire horses doing all the work.



CD..Sandras Work


When I first blogged about starting the CD I mentioned that this was going to be a year long project with some friends, and the work you see to the left is from Sandra a very good and close friend of mine. She also happens to be the owner of the nutty Sprocker dog who demands our attention all the time when we are trying to draw in the garden! She is not an artist as such but the loves the idea of doing something like this, so the pictures here are her work done over some weeks. As she is quite a busy lady, the weekly schedule that I set for myself will not be quite so easy for her to keep, so I will be sharing her work as and when it comes.

WP_20140929 2 WP_20140929 1

Week 4..Harvest Festival Food


Looking back over my CD sketchbook, I realised that I had missed a week, so decided to add one more last entry, which is what you see above. I went to another Harvest Festival service at the church, and they had a beautiful display set up in the entrance, of all the wonderful food that is associated with this time of year. As September has been particularly sunny and warm, it has been a bumper crop of gloriously coloured squashes, apples, (cookers and eaters), pumpkins, berries, nuts and lots more. I photographed the display and then took parts of it to create this picture, very much on the hoof. Sketched in pencil, inked with Micron pens, and Coloured Pencils. For some reason in some of my drawings I tend to let the original sketch show through, as in I don’t remove the pencil marks, which is what I did for this one, for me it seems to add more depth and character.

So we are now in October and I will be looking for inspiration for this months sketches, the weather is still very warm, and lots of flowers are still blooming, but it is set to change this weekend with rain and the temperatures falling to more like normal for this time of year.