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Oodles of doodles created with pens and pencils.

Funky Owl


October has arrived in a swathe of rain and wind but still relatively mild, which makes one wonder what is best to wear ! We can’t complain though Summer was beautiful and extended into September and I had many good days outside with friends. Soon the clocks will go forward one hour and the days will get shorter and darker earlier, not my most favourite time of the year, except for heart warming stews, homemade soups, hot chocolate with a dollop of cream and on a cold bright frosty morning all the beauty that can be seen if one looks hard enough.

I have been busy this week gallivanting around and not had much time for art, but did this little drawing of a funky owl in my brown sketchbook, using sharpies, microns and coloured pencils. This paper is a brown recycled one, with little fibres in the surface, and quite smooth, however using sharpies you get major bleed through, but it does take pencils and the microns nicely. I also purchased an A4 size sketchbook for which I will be using to do some realistic animal drawings in, and a larger A3 one for bigger pieces, so much to look forward to other the coming cooler months.






Dots and Lines



It has been a lovely week, with long warm spells of sunshine, a beautiful September really and hopefully more to come. This is always a bit of a manic month for me with quite a few birthdays to celebrate which means extra shopping trips and not a lot of time for much else. I have managed to sit down and do this little drawing in my sketchbook, experimental piece with lots of lines for the hair and dots (pointillism) in the face, which is something I have not explored very much but found to be a great way of creating shade and tone with pens. I will definitely  will be doing more in a similar style, once I have completed this piece.

Autumn Leaf Zendoodle



The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day, with nice warm balmy temperatures. As I look out my window I am seeing lots of inspiration, in the colour of leaves and some that have already fallen and curled into interesting shapes. This picture was one that was created on my art day, using a Brusho background in green, and tea that was applied when I accidentally dipped my brush into it, so thought why not and daubed a bit around the page, I did not however drink the rest ! I quite like the idea of staining paper with tea or coffee so will try that again another time.  Done in my A5 sketchbook on heavy paper.


liz handhandtangling 1


It the start of a new week and the Summer seems to have left us early, August is turning out to be a bit of damp squib ! Perhaps September will bring an Indian Summer.

I had an art day this week with my friends, and we spent the time experimenting more with Brusho and Pens, zendoodling, drinking tea, yakking and eating cakes, heaven for me ! I have not managed to photo any of the work we did manage to create, so will post that later on in the week. Having a scour through some old books, we came across
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”  and who does not know about this beautifully illustrated and written book. We thought it would be fun to try to create our own country diary relating to where we live, which is near to sea and countryside, so with much to sketch and make notes on. As humans we are all affected by the changing of seasons, which in this day and age are harder to predict, but colours, trees and shrubs, animals and birds, and what is around us etc, is relatively consistent. We all ordered the same Landscape sketchbook, spiral bound with 52 pages for the weeks of the year, with a keepsake pocket in the back which may be used for dried flowers or leaves, or whatever else takes our fancy. Originally the idea was to go Dec to Dec but as we all want to get started we thought we would start with September 1st which is heading into Autumn. It will be interesting to see how it develops and how each of us document it in our own way. We haven’t come up with a name yet for this project so still thinking about that, but I will create a separate page to show some of what we have been up to.

The pictures above are what I call Handtangles and again these were created on one of my Art days, with friends, using her hand and one of mine, with pens and pencils.