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Pencil Sketch’s

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It has been another mild week, but with bouts of rain thrown in for good measure, but the promised mini heat wave is still set to arrive by Saturday, however one is never quite sure what the weather will do these days.

I am having an “art nouveau” moment this week, which is a style I love, all those beautiful curly, swirly lines, so soft to look at and so many beautiful patterns from days gone past. I took my sketch book stuff over to my friend yesterday and we had a couple of happy hours sketching, chatting and drinking tea. As I have had a bit of artist block as well this week, inspiration was hard to come by until I looked around her front room closely and came across a cushion with art nouveau style patterns on it, and a few other items too. Yipppeee I had my inspiration and got to work with my pencil, sketching out what I was seeing and adding bits to it as I went, which is what you see above. The middle one is a quick doodle that I did on the hoof, not sure if I will add more or just leave it as it is. I think this current mode will stay with me a little while longer, until another new “moment” kicks in, so more sketch’s to come methinks.