Returning Love of the Humble Pencil


How strange that I find myself back here again sharing my thoughts and stuff with the world. Changes in my life seem to urge me to write it down almost as if it will not happen or escape me unless I do this, a statement of intent methinks. At the age of 46 one would think I was past these stages and had become more mature in my thought processes, but alas I shall always remain a scatterbrain of randomness.

So here I am writing my blog post haste of another decision in my pursuit of creativeness, and I think that this will be a final one and I have to say I am quite pleased about that. Buying supplies for new hobbies and being a bit obsessive about it can be very expensive especially when one has a change of heart ! I stopped drawing two years ago for a couple of reasons, and instead I fell in love with Crochet, which filled that creative gap for me. I had a lot of fun choosing different yarns, colours, textures, making lots of different things, even selling some mad items at local craft fairs. Actually I went overboard and ended up with way too much of everything which would of taken a few good years to use up….obsession again. Everything I have is kept in a small cupboard (don’t have a huge amount of storing space ) and every time I went to get a ball of yarn or buttons, on the shelf there was the remaining pencils, pens, paper etc looking at me for longingly waiting to be picked up and used again. I knew in my heart that the day was coming soon when they would be in my hands creating pictures, I had missed them so much…too much if I am honest. So to cut a long story short I have picked them up again and start to draw and loving every minute of it. I am rusty it has been a long while but I intend to practise every day drawing all kinds of everything and doodling too. I gifted quite a few of Crochet supplies to other crafty friends, as I know that they will use it a lot quicker than I will, and also donated some to a dog rescue charity who has a lady that makes wonderful blankets to raise money for the pooches and moggies, a good cause methinks. I kept some yarn and stuff for me to use for personal projects and maybe to make a few gifts, great for doing in the long dark winter evenings.  So without much more ado, this is my first dog drawing that I started last week, its not to bad for a first picture after a few years, however I see many mistakes in it, that are very basic and just a matter or practice and to remind myself of technique to create fur, texture etc. I will finish it and then move on to something new. Its good to be back sharing my love of art, pencils and pens.Jimmers


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