Thankful thoughts.


I have had some really nice and thoughtful comments since my last post and would like to say thank you for all those, however I would like to reassure you all that my passion for drawing has not disappeared, I am just taking a break from it whilst I learn to crochet properly. I am one of these people who throw myself in whole heartedly to a new thing, so no half measures, which is a pain in the ass sometimes because everything else goes on the back burner, but that is how I am wired. My sketchbooks and pens are not packed away they are living in the unit opposite my sofa so always in plain sight, ready for me to pick up in due course. I hope to complete the 100 mandala challenge if nothing else but it will take longer than I thought but it does have no time limit. I will also leave this blog up and running because I will return to it and in the meantime for my crochet passion have set up a new one here which is yet to get its first post    https//  so for any of you who feel to come follow me over there that would be great. In the words of the great Terminator Arnold  Schwarzenegger

” I will be back ” .


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