Flu break

Greetings ,
It has been a while since my last post and I almost thought about giving up this blog as I went through a soul-searching time whilst battling a nasty bout of a flu-like infection. However I am feeling better and more positive which is a good thing, but I am struggling a bit with what creative direction that I want to go in. Drawing has been in my soul forever, and I love using the humble graphite/coloured pencil to create my art, combining it along with pens and ink to explore new ideas, but these past few years the passion to pick them up as waned considerably. At first I thought it was “artist block” something that we all go through at one time or another, but it has gone on too long methinks for that. At the same time my life has changed quite a lot of last few years, different priorities and needs, life and health issues and it has all had an effect in many ways, but the one constant thing has remained is the need to be creative in one form or another. Having this bout of flu and picking up a crochet hook at the same time seemed to be a eureka moment and I felt in my soul a stirring passion for hooks, yarns, and  patterns to make wonderful things. So much to learn, a whole new world of creativity just inviting me in to play and explore, what can I say I am hooked. I am not saying that I will not ever pick up a pencil/pen again but for the time being crochet and learning it properly is my passion. It does leave me with a dilemma as to if I should leave this blog as it is or to set up a new one for my crochet adventures….so what do you think ?


8 thoughts on “Flu break

  1. Sarah

    Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. I’m glad you’re not going, just changing direction. 🙂 If you _do_ start a new blog, please don’t forget to put a post here to tell us where it is.

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  2. Emma@DKOdesigns

    I guess it depends on whether you feel like a totally new start or that you are continuing the creative journey you are already on. Both of these things are true. And I am sure that your crochet will be influenced by what you have done before and if you return to your old passions – and I believe these things cycle so I am sure you will – you will discover how much they’ve developed during their resting period.


    1. kimmi Post author

      Hi there thank you for your comment, and yes I totally agree with you, a creative journey is full of ups and downs twist and turns.



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