Hooked on Hooks


It has been a few days since my last post, and that is because I have found a new hobby that I have become addicted too… Crochet. I have never had much interest in taking up something like knitting, embroidery, quilting etc but have long admired the beautiful work that can be created by it. Having said that I did in my twenties try Crochet but like all things life, kids got in the way and it never really amounted to much. Since starting a Craft club two weeks ago, many of the ladies who come are gifted in these crafts and without really thinking too much about it I picked up a hook and asked one of the ladies to show me how to do it and that was that….I am hooked and obsessed ! At the same time of this happening hubby needed to use my desk for a project of, his so my main computer and majority of my art stuff is temporarily put away until the weekend when I get it back. Time on my hands, I have been out and purchased some gorgeous coloured yarn and am making squares to create a blanket for me pooch Blue. I have yet to master all the stitches but I work best one step at a time, so once I have the basics, I hope to move on to making a few items of clothing, and in due course will add some pictures of my efforts.


10 thoughts on “Hooked on Hooks

    1. kimmi Post author

      Hi thank you for your comment, I am looking forward to having a go at what is called “freeform crochet” but think I am a little away from that yet.


      1. Emma@DKOdesigns

        Freeform is fun. Actually you may not find it that hard. For people who like to follow patterns it can be very difficult, but I know people who have never crocheted before and have gotten into it quite happily. Maybe I should do a freeform post….?


      2. kimmi Post author

        If do a free form post or have done it already I will be definitely interested in reading your post so I will pop over and have a quick look now.


  1. Gillian Cook

    I got hooked on crochet last year and I found myself crocheting instead of painting/cooking/sleeping! All I could make were granny squares, but it was so rewarding! LOL, eventually I had to give it up because I almost stopped painting altogether!.


  2. marissafh

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. And welcome back to crocheting! You’re so right – just take one step at a time. I also just thought of trying freeform crocheting as well, but haven’t made anything yet.
    And beautiful mandalas! I’ve just joined the 100 Mandalas challenge as well – I doodle enough during meetings, so I might as well draw mandalas instead of random lines and drawings. By the way, crocheting a mandala is also on my to-do list … maybe it’s all coming together now …


    1. kimmi Post author

      Hi there, thanks for your comment and good luck in the 100 mandala challenge a really great creative journey. Oh yes crocheting a mandala is something that I am definitely going to do, just love the idea of it and also making a crochet dream catcher, which is still a bit complicated for me yet.



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