3/4 of 100 mandalas.

WP_20141027 WP_20141027 1


We seem to be having another small heat wave here in the south of the UK with temperature’s still reaching 19 degrees and in some places above that, however the north of the country is beset by heavy rains and winds, one never quite knows what the weather will do next.

It has been a very busy week and my time limited somewhat for creating art, so again these two mandala’s were created on the hoof over the weekend as Sunday is my least busy day and quietest ! The basic design of these I created in Artrage (digital painting software) using the symmetry tool which is really handy for getting mirrored lines, and then printed them out on to some drawing paper. I coloured one with my sharpies and the other I patterned with my micron pens and have to say that I like how both of them have turned out. I normally like them to be a bit more intricate than the ones created so far, but when time is short simple works best, however I am determined to make a few more in a colourful and fun way in mixed media,  mostly collage, which is going to be fun methinks.


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