Week 6 Scarecrow Trail

WP_20141016 2


The Uk has had its mini heat wave with temperatures over the last two days getting up to 20 degrees in some places, and the nights have been somewhat muggy. This morning I have woken up to a flat grey day and rain which is more like October I think, so a day for pottering round indoors and creating art.

In some places of the UK we have something called a Scarecrow Trail and it is generally held in October, and the gist of this that people build a Scarecrow of their own and display him/her/couples outside in their gardens and a trail map is created to go visit these Scarecrows and see all the wonderful creations that have been made. Most of these are held in the smaller villages and everyone gets involved with the building of them, great for the kids too. On my travels I have seen some super ones, from a couple sitting on a sofa in a wonderful colourful array of clothes, to a robotic type one, and a whole family of them including a dog. Sadly it does not seem to be as popular as it once was, but I do hope that it will continue on. Traditionally we all know that Scarecrows were put in planted fields by farmers to scare the crows off from eating the seed, and these can still be seen today, however they have also been used as scary monsters in some films and connected to Halloween, which is a much celebrated up and coming holiday. We did also have a very popular program about one called Worzel Gummidge, starring the late John Pertwee, you can read about that here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worzel_Gummidge_(TV_series)

If you are interested in reading more about it, then just Google it and you will find an array of wonderful images and some of the listed trails here in the Uk and perhaps elsewhere in the world.

This is my very quick and very rough sketch of a traditional one in a field with the obligatory bird perched on the shoulder.


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