Week 5 Ploughing and Seeds


We are still in a week of wet and windy weather but still fairly mild, however our forecasters are saying that we are in for a 5 day mini heat wave beginning with the weekend ! One quite never knows what to wear these days but I am still keeping my wellies out still !

I have not had a lot of time for my CD post as my mind as been engaged with a few other projects, however I did manage to sketch this out quickly, but feel it is a tad boring and lacking something. This is the time of the year that the fields are ploughed in very neat rows ready to plant out for the new winter crop, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, kale etc all the good heart warming vegetables that make great autumnal/winter food. I was also fascinated by the different types of seeds there are and was amazed at the huge variety of colour and size that I came across. To think that great tasting food is grown from these tiny little seeds amazes me and can for many poor people living in very difficult situations around the world can make a huge difference to thriving or starving. Of course all things need water and sunlight to grow, but sadly these days we either have too much or too little. Hand in hand with seed goes the plough, mostly done by tractors now, but the old style one dragged by horses is still very much in use, and here in the UK can be seen at some of the local ploughing matches, with the big, noble, shire horses doing all the work.




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