Funky Owl


October has arrived in a swathe of rain and wind but still relatively mild, which makes one wonder what is best to wear ! We can’t complain though Summer was beautiful and extended into September and I had many good days outside with friends. Soon the clocks will go forward one hour and the days will get shorter and darker earlier, not my most favourite time of the year, except for heart warming stews, homemade soups, hot chocolate with a dollop of cream and on a cold bright frosty morning all the beauty that can be seen if one looks hard enough.

I have been busy this week gallivanting around and not had much time for art, but did this little drawing of a funky owl in my brown sketchbook, using sharpies, microns and coloured pencils. This paper is a brown recycled one, with little fibres in the surface, and quite smooth, however using sharpies you get major bleed through, but it does take pencils and the microns nicely. I also purchased an A4 size sketchbook for which I will be using to do some realistic animal drawings in, and a larger A3 one for bigger pieces, so much to look forward to other the coming cooler months.






2 thoughts on “Funky Owl

    1. kimmi Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment. I love drawing Owls in a fun way, and have quite a few more that I want to do in that style, but also plan to do some realistic ones too.



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