Week 4..Harvest Festival Food


Looking back over my CD sketchbook, I realised that I had missed a week, so decided to add one more last entry, which is what you see above. I went to another Harvest Festival service at the church, and they had a beautiful display set up in the entrance, of all the wonderful food that is associated with this time of year. As September has been particularly sunny and warm, it has been a bumper crop of gloriously coloured squashes, apples, (cookers and eaters), pumpkins, berries, nuts and lots more. I photographed the display and then took parts of it to create this picture, very much on the hoof. Sketched in pencil, inked with Micron pens, and Coloured Pencils. For some reason in some of my drawings I tend to let the original sketch show through, as in I don’t remove the pencil marks, which is what I did for this one, for me it seems to add more depth and character.

So we are now in October and I will be looking for inspiration for this months sketches, the weather is still very warm, and lots of flowers are still blooming, but it is set to change this weekend with rain and the temperatures falling to more like normal for this time of year.



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