Week 3 Garden Art

WP_20140919 7Greetings,

Another week has flown by, and these days I am not sure where the time has gone, October is almost here and despite it still being very nice here in the UK, there is a slight nip in the air. These sketches were done on a beautiful sunny afternoon in my friends garden, after we had eaten a wonderful Harvest Festival lunch at her local church. I have to admit to being a very untidy sketcher with my drawings all over the place, however I do think it makes the page interesting, despite my best efforts to be tidy. The pot had dead grasses growing in it, which for some reason I found interesting and the rest are quick sketches of different flower heads and a stone water bowl. We did also have a distraction in the way of her very handsome but totally nutty Sprocker dog, who just hated the idea of us not paying him any attention, so he decided to dig holes, charge us with a toy hanging out his mouth, turf his bed into the air and generally be a pest. After a few hours we choose to put him in the car and go to the beach where he could swim and run to his heart’s delight.

This is the month of September completed now and I have enjoyed doing it, however methinks my live sketching skills are very rusty and will need to improve over the coming months for me to be completely happy with the finished pages.


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