Birthday Card Mandala.

WP_20140919 4Greetings

It has been a fun week and the sun still shining, which was great because on Thursday it was my friend’s birthday. I have always said that the one day you should celebrate more than anything is your birthday, the day that you were born and came into the world. For some of us, we reflect back over the years, some party like there is no tomorrow, and others may celebrate it quietly with partners and family, as long as it is something no matter how great or small.

This was the card that I made for her, using my Micron Pens, Sharpies and Coloured Pencils. A Zendala style card using circles that I cut out and stuck on the card to give it a little 3D effect, suffice to say that I was very happy how it turned out. She is also a pen addict like myself and wanted some Micron Pens, which she loved and a few other bits and pieces. Doing this card has inspired me to try my hand at making some more in a similar style, so watch this space.




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