Week 2 Forest Fruits

WP_20140919 3Greetings

I can truly say that we have had  bit of an Indian Summer this week, with temperatures topping the twenties, and I have been out and about enjoying it as much as I can.

Still being new to using WordPress I have made a few mistakes of late, as in setting up a new page for the CD posts, as I thought I would be able to post directly to that page, but it does not seem so. To avoid any more timely mistakes on my part I shall just keep things the way they are, as we say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” seems to be very appropriate for this.

Week 2 is dedicated to quick fruit sketches, some from outside and a few I used from my fridge. All seasonal fruits for this time of year, especially the Blackberries and Apples which can make a fine Crumble pudding. Again about 20 minutes all in all, with my Micron pens and coloured pencils.




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