The Creative Diary

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I am late this week with my posts due to hospital appointments and general life things happening so not any new work to show just yet. I am updating about our “countryside diary project” which has now been renamed The Creative Diary, so that we are inspired to draw more than just the countryside around us, or even from our imagination.The aim is to create a drawing of something that we like or see in whatever medium we prefer, the sketchbooks above are the ones we will use, and they have 52 perforated pages, with a memory pocket in the back. It is still very much in its infancy and I will adapt things as we go along and when needed. We are already in September and I have yet to do my first entry, but the weather is nice and I am hoping to stick to my original plan of doing something very similar to Edith Holden’s book. The fun part of this is that is a collaborative project between three close friends with varying styles of art, and it is going to be great fun to see how this develops as the year passes. One of my friends already has a blog on WordPress and I will link to hers later on, the other one sadly does not so we will share her work between the two of us on each blog.


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