Collage and Zendoodle

collage zendoodle


This week has been one of soul searching and creativity and trying to make a decision of what direction I want to take my art. I love exploring new mediums and styles of art, experimenting with different surfaces and usually I was able to produce something that was worthwhile and interesting. In the background though was my most stable and reliable tool pencils and pens, which I could pick up anytime, anywhere and make a mark. These days I find myself not wanting to explore other mediums so much and to put my creative efforts into one sort, which for me is like coming full circle and back to what I love the most. So this week I have set aside my paints and stones, digital stuff, and will be concentrating on trying to master pens and ink to produce something that I am happy with. Zendoodling and doing ZIAs (zentangle inspired art) comes to me quite easy, but maybe a realistic animal drawing will need a bit of practice. As always my trusty pencils will be the first to make a rough idea and the pens will come second for the detail and colour…exciting and daunting at the same time.

The piece above was done in my experiment sketchbook using collage paper that was made myself, using Brusho paint and then zendoodled using Artline pens.


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